You leave home for the first time,  you travel for the best part of a day, you arrive in a country you know little about where people speak a language you are not too hot at and arrive in a city where you do not understand how the public transport system works. You have to find your way to the university to fetch a key for a room, and you do not know how to get to either.

At times like this, you need help  Your buddy will be waiting at Mannheim railway station with your room key to meet you to take you to your room and to make sure your arrival is successful.

You will also be helped on your first day  at university to register at the university and then to go into the city to register with the city and to help with opening a bank account, getting a semester transport ticket, and anything else within reason you need.

Who is this angel?  It is a student from the third or fifth semester who appreciated the help on their arrival in this city, and who wants to help you. This work is voluntary and you can become a buddy when your next cohort of students arrives here.

One student gets a little money  from the University and their job is to coordinate all the meetings. You will hear from this student not long after you have been admitted a place here.