Electrical Engineering: Automation and Industrial Internet of Things

Electrical Engineering Bachelor (EEB) with a focus on Automation and Industrial Internet of Things

> Advanced studies will take place in German
> SWS is a semester hour and lasts 45 min 
> You need respectively one subject within the Elective Module WMa2, WMa3

Advanced studies (in German)

3rd SemesterSWSCreditsModule Description
Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, Numerics45MA3
Mathematical Description of Continuous and Discrete Systems45SYT
Measurement and Instrumentation65MT
Digital Electronics45DK
DC-Machines and Rotation Field Machines45EM1
4th SemesterSWSCreditsModule Description
Power Electronics45LE1
Electrical Drives45ELA
Microcontroller Systems45MC
Introduction to Feedback Control65RG1
Modelling and Simulation of Dynamic Systems45SM1
System and Program Design for Programmable Logic Controls45SPS
5th SemesterSWSCreditsModule Description
Industrial InternshipPS25PS
Seminar Key Competencies32SSK
Colloquium on Internship SemesterR5)3KPS
6th und 7th SemesterSWSCreditsModule Descritpion
Analog and Digital Signal Processing45ADS
Digital Control Systems45RG2
Robotics and Factory Automation45RFA
Communication and Wireless Systems45KWS
Process Control Engineering and Industrial IoT45PLT
Elective Module 245WMa2 (see below)
Elective Module 345WMa3 (see Below)
Project Seminar Automation Technologies and Industry 4.0410PSA
Bachelor Thesis Colloquium43KBA
Bachelor Thesis412BA
Elective Module 2 + 3 (WMa2, WMa3):
one module each from the list below
SWSCreditsModule Description
Building Automation45GT
Machine Vision and Autonomous Driving (only in winter semesters)45MAF
Applied Circuit Technology (only in winter semesters, no in WS23/24)45AST
Modelling and Simulation of Dynamic Systems 2 (only in summer semesters)45SM2
Big Data in Industry 4.0 (only in a summer semester)45BDI
Simulation und Modelling of Dynamic Systems 2 (only in winter semesters)45SM2
Battery Systems and Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology 45BWB
Computernetzwerke (only in summer semesters)45CN
Internetanwendungen (only in winter semesters)45INT
Sensor Networks for Industry and Automotive Applications (starting SS23)45VS
Total credits in Advanced Studies

*) depending on the elected modules
a) students with no DSH-2 or equivalent at the start of studies are required to pass DSH-2 or equivalent instead