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You all have loads of questions  and asking questions is good. But finding answers to some of your questions on your own is even better and can be very satisfying… Below we have collected some of your most frequently asked questions and written our answers.

Have a look  and many of your questions will be solved though we still look forward to receiving your questions, be it by telephone, by email or by messenger. Or come and see us in Mannheim, we would be happy to meet you in person.


Send your complete application  by post, best by courier service. The address is indicated on our application form. We are unable to accept e-mail applications as our international programme doesn´t operate through uni-assist.

All required documents are listed  on our application form. Fill in the form and send it together with your CV/resume, motivational letter, a reference letter from one of your teachers, English language proof, your school-leaving certificate with grades and university transcripts if you have, and an original passport photo. All documents need to be verified (stamped by school or university is enough) and in English. Don´t send originals, your application won´t be returned.

Every admission year is different  Admission depends on quantity and quality of all applications. Our admissions committee focuses on your grades in maths and physics. The better your scores, the higher your chances for admission.

We need either  TOEFL with a minimum of 80 or IELTS  minimum 6.0. Alternatively we accept proof that English has been your language of instruction for at least one year. This can be indicated within the reference letter of your teacher or has to be written on your transcript.

You need a higher education entrance qualification  to study at a German university. This needs to be equivalent to the level of the German secondary school-leaving certificate. The entrance qualifications of some countries aren´t equivalent to our German level, so applicants of some countries need to have additional academic experience. That means a certain number of successful semesters at a recognized university at Bachelor level in a relevant subject (for us engineering). If you are unsure whether this applies to you, best let us check if you are eligible to apply with us directly.

Please note  that international students need to be at least 18 years old when starting our programme beginning of September. We can´t enrol underage international students, sorry.

No, but if you need to show  a higher academic level than school-leaving, then you could provide your SAT or ACT score report, or you could use one to support your application. Please submit your score report together with your complete application. We recommend subject tests in maths and physics.

As soon as you have received  your school-leaving certificate with your final grades. The application deadline for international students is 15 May, for EU citizen it´s 15 July. EU citizen with EU passports may apply with their last mid-term report or certificate of their grade 12 winter semester. They will then have to submit their final university-entrance qualification by 15 July.

Sorry, no  We need your final grades.

There is no need.  You choose your focus after the second semester.

Our international BSc Engineering Sciences programme  offers 30 places for every winter semester.

Once we have received your application  you will get an e-mail confirmation of receipt.

Our admissions committee  will check all applications after 15 May. You will hear from us if your application has been successful around the beginning of June. EU applicants will be informed shortly after 15 July.

 If we were unable  to give you a study place, then you will also hear from us by e-mail.

If you are admitted,  you will receive an e-mail with confirmation of a study place and your scanned admission papers. Parallel all original admission papers will be sent to you to your indicated postal address by normal post (not by courier service). You will then have to accept your place and confirm by returning our statement of acceptance form.

With our admission papers  you will have to apply for a study visa with the German Embassy in your home country. Our admission papers are valid for Hochschule Mannheim, your study visa will have to be issued for Hochschule Mannheim. When you receive the official admission document, contact the German Embassy as soon as you can. To start on the programme you need to be at the University on the first day of the language and culture programme, normally the first Monday in September.

We start in English for the first year,  and that is why we have sufficient English skills as one admission prerequisite. But we recommend you study to at least German level B1 for a good start in Germany. The more German you have when you arrive, the easier your first year will be when we combine our technical classes with intensive German language courses. From 3rd semester onwards all lectures will be given in German only! Some embassies require a certain German level for granting a visa, so check well in advance.

Our German courses  are part of our international BSc Engineering Sciences programme and therefore included for our students.

Sorry, not for first year students  From 3rd semester onwards there are different possibilities, also for tuition jobs within our department.

In general yes, if permitted  by the employment office. But you need to consider that the workload in your first semesters is immense due to the combination of technical lectures and intensive German language courses. Also laboratory classes are obligatory at our University and as preparation for examinations.

You need to apply  within our application deadline. In our international programme you can only start in the first semester.

Transfer of credits can only be discussed  with the professors responsible after enrolment. They will then compare your module descriptions with what has to be studied here. If you are from one of those countries which need university experience as an admission prerequisite, then this is your entrance qualification and therefore can´t be taken into account.

No, as only our first year  is taught in English.  Our international programme only starts in winter semesters and not all classes will be offered in summer semesters. For studying in our German programme you will need a higher German level (DSH2 or TestDaf 4x4) as well as to go through a different application process.

If you are admitted  and after you having accepted our study place, our international office will contact you concerning accommodation in a students´ residence. We´ve blocked accommodation for our international students and will help you with the process.

Mannheim students need to calculate  a monthly average amount of €700-800 (that´s including rent for student accommodation, national health insurance, semester ticket and food). Per semester you need to add administration fees and tuition fees for non-EU students.

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