Automation Technology

Automation Technology Bachelor (UBE)

Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things  (IoT) are important topics in Automation Technology. The development in these areas is very fast. It is important to Germany’s industry to remain in a leading position. 
Automation Technology is, for example, about developing new production sites that meet customer needs in a flexible way and that are safe in case of a failure. Connectivity via Internet as well as data security are vital.

Female and male engineers  with an electrotechnical background are one of the most popular professional groups in demand in Germany. Salaries and future career opportunities could not be better currently.
 Our students will participate in a multilateral course of studies. It gathers the fields Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Measuring and Control Technology. The study course combines small study groups, individual support, intensive practice orientation and close contacts to the regional industry.

»Being part of a very friendly group of international students, the citizen of Mannheim and also the staff from Hochschule Mannheim has made everything so smooth upon arriving in Germany and settling in.«

At a glance
GraduationBachelor of Science (BSc)
Study duration7 semesters
Number of places available15
Baselinewinter semester
Application deadline 15 May non-EU-applicants
15 July EU-applicants
Bachelor structure
1st – 2nd semesterfoundation studies
3rd – 4th semesteradvanced studies
5th semesterindustrial placement
6th – 7th semester advanced studies

Structure of the Bachelor degree courses

All Bachelor degree courses at the Hochschule Mannheim consist of a two-semester foundation course and five semesters advanced study with an integrated internship during the fifth semester.

International Bachelor's degree programmes

The first two semesters are offered in German or English. The main course is taught in German.


Curriculum Foundation Studies

Curriculum Advanced Studies

Diploma Supplement
Automation Technology


SemesterCourse Structure

1st 2nd

Maths, Physics, Computing, Electrical Engineering

German for international students or
English for German students


3rd 4thElectrotechnical content  
Measurement and Controls, Electrical Engineering, Electric Machines and Drives, Programmable Controls
in industry

6th 7thSpecialization in Automation Technology
Motion Control, Microcomputers, Control Engineering, Building Systems
7thResearch projects
Study projects at the University and Bachelor research project at the University or in industry


Course leader

Professor Simon Effler


John Clear

Department E Secretary

Silke Förstermann
+49 621 292-6180

Questions on applying or studying