> Welcome Days

Your start at the university is three weeks before the masses start  Learning German is extremely important in this programme and getting a good start in this language in your first days in Germany will make your life here a little easier and richer. 

The first day is given over to the administration  required when starting to live and study here, and the rest of the three weeks is given over to intensive German training. You sit a placement test on the first day and you are then placed in a class. This is a great opportunity to get to know your fellow international students.

But living in Germany is not only studying  This is a very attractive area to live in, so you will get free trips to sites near here, to Heidelberg, to the wine-growing area around Deidesheim in the Pfalz , to get to know Mannheim city centre and others. This is a great opportunity to get to know German students as a few will be invited onto these trips.

Our language and culture programme  is an important part of our international programme and therefore attendance is obligatory.

For these three weeks  there are very few other students at the university and this is a chance to get to know the university on your terms.