> Language training

Electrical Engineering Bachelor (EEB) with a focus on

> Automation and Industrial Internet of Things
> Power Engineering and Renewable Energies
> E-Mobility and Autonomous Driving

International program  At the Department of Electrical Engineering the international bachelor program Electrical Engineering with a focus on Automation or Power Engineering or E-Mobility can be studied in two languages. You can choose to study the first two semesters either in English or in German. Thus, if you do not have sufficient German yet, you can start your studies in English, combined with intensive German language classes. German students may also choose to study the English programme in order to improve their English language skills. From the third semester all courses are in German. Graduates are awarded a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.).

Intensive language training runs  parallel to the engineering programme and during semester breaks, giving you the best study support possible. 

Semester CoursesIntensive Courses 1)
Beginners Course A1 3 weeks 90 TU
German 1 A2 – A1 120 TU
Supplementary Course 1 B1 3 weeks 75 TU
German 2 B1.1 – B2 90 TU
Supplementary Course 2 B2 2 weeks 50 TU
German 3 B2.2 – C1 90 TU
DSH Preparatory Course 2 weeks 60 TU

1) in the Semester Recesses

Key Facts

  • 3-week course: German language and culture (starting in September before lectures)
  • 3-week language course during vacation period
  • German classes as part of the study programme
  • Foundation studies completely in English
  • From third semester onwards all lectures and seminars in German
  • Sufficient German skills required to progress to third semester
Benefits for English students

Beginning of study without sufficient knowledge of German possible  This course can also be taken if the German Language Examination for University Entrance of Foreign Applicants (DSH) has not yet been taken. This is made possible by German courses integrated in the regular study plan. Mandatory German courses take place both during the lecture-free period and during the semester.

Benefits for German students

Advantage language competence  English competence is a much sought after skill in the engineering sector, and German students can gain vital experience by studying in English for their first year. German native speakers need to choose a technical English and another non-engineering elective. Students acquire intercultural competences. In an increasingly globalized world, this is an important additional qualification.

Basic knowledge required in German

To succeed in this programme  you need to have at least a basic level of German before you start with us. You will receive guidance for learning German on your own before coming to Germany by our German coordinator.

German courses

German courses are included  in the first two semesters. German lessons are part of the first year study course.

Main study in German

After the second semester  international students need to have reached a certain level of German before proceeding to the third semester, when all lectures and seminars are given in German. The students of the English and German programmes take the same lectures and seminars from the third semester onwards.