> Electrical Engineering today

In everyday life automation technology is everywhere  Even if it is not so obvious, cars, washing machines or cash dispensers cannot function without automation technology. Our students can expect a multifaceted study programme which combines electrical engineering, measurement technology, sensors and programming. Right from the beginning the classes are practice-oriented and marked by close contact with local industries.

Energy transition ? I know
how power gets to the socket


Automation technology is indispensable  Through the implementation of innovative automation concepts, Industry 4.0, many new jobs have been created in the area of interaction between man and machines. Our graduates can enjoy a secure, fascinating and dynamic future.

Smart City ? We develop independent
energy management systems for cities.
We counter climate change

In everyday life we expect sufficient electricity  whenever we want it. We take it for granted that our household appliances, lights and heating function. For the economy reliable energy supply is vital, though the environment should not be disregarded. Energy generation, transfer and distribution should be conducted in a resource-conserving manner.

Tomorrow´s mobility ? Sure.
I develop electric cars

Our students can expect a multifaceted study programme  They acquire knowledge and skills in: economical handling of energy through efficient energy management, the field of renewable energies and classic energy engineering fields such as high voltage technology and electric motors.

Internet of Things ? I am part
of shaping the future