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International students  Universities in Baden-Württemberg charge moderate tuition fees for non-EU international students. These fees amount to €1,500 per semester. All future students who are not nationals of a state of the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA) are affected. Additionally, you have to pay semester fees to the student services – at time of writing €202.85 per semester. There are further costs for the study. E.g., you have to provide proof of sufficient health insurance – at time of writing around €100 per month. As a requirement to obtaining a visa, you need at least €10,332 deposited in your bank account or a sponsor who can guarantee to finance your studies.

How to pay the fees

As by your official fees notice international non-EU students need to transfer €1,702.85.
All exempted and EU/EFTA students transfer €202.85.

For the bank transfer you will need:
From you, the payer:
Name and location of your bank
BIC - Your bank’s BIC number
Your account’s IBAN number

For HS Mannheim, the payee:
Payee: Landesoberkasse Baden-Württemberg, Germany
IBAN of receiver: DE02600501017495530102
BIC of receiving bank: SOLADEST600

Hochschule reference number: 8271990007283

Your application number: 30….

Don´t forget to indicate: reference number for Hochschule Mannheim 8271990007283, followed by a couple of blank spaces and then your application number 30…..and your personal name (student name)!

If you do not enter the university number and your application reference number with your name in the transfer, it will be very difficult to trace your payment on the state account, and you will most likely not be registered…
If your country does not use IBAN numbers, talk to your bank about how to pay.
We are unable to accept fees in cash during physical enrolment.

Exceptions to the tuition fee

The law provides for exceptions to the obligation to pay:

> domestic university entrance qualification,

> international students who come to Baden-Württemberg for a limited period of time within the scope of mutual state or university agreements,

> Erasmus students,

> International students who come from a partner university in the context of double degree programs at the University of Mannheim of Applied Sciences,

> asylum seekers with Aufenthaltsgestattung

Further Information

Further information on the topic of tuition fees can be found on the pages of the Ministry of Baden-Württemberg.


Information form for the assessment of the exemption from the tuition fee

If the exception criteria apply to you and you provide the necessary documents of proof in due time before enrollment or re-registration, you do not have to pay tuition fees.

Submission deadline for the winter semester

15th of July 

at Zulassungsamt/ Studiengebühren
(admissions office / tuition fees)

Exemption form 1)
Information form 2)

1) Exemption from the tuition fees in German language
2) Information form tuition fees

Further reasons for the exemption from the tuition fee

Upon request, you can be exempted from the tuition fee:

> during a holiday semester

> during a practical semester

> because of a considerable student-complicating disability within the meaning of § 2 of the Ninth Book of the Social Code

Submission deadline for each semester

until the beginning of the lecture

The application must be submitted to the Student Service Center

Studiengebührbefreiung 1)

1) information form for exemption of the tuition fees

Further Information

You will find more information on the tuition fees on the German pages of the Mannheim University of Applied Sciences. 

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