Imagine „electrical engineering“ but nobody cares

Bildquelle: ZVEI

Society is undergoing a change that has not been seen since the beginning of industrialization. The “All-Electric-Society” is just around the corner.

What does it mean?

In the course of renouncing fossil resources, electricity becomes the basis of every energetic application, simply the basis of civilization.

Electrical energy must be gained in a regenerative way, environmentally friendly and acceptable for people. Smart use of energy must help to solve distribution problems. Efficient devices must reduce consumption and, last but not least, optimized conversion processes (“Power to X”) must solve the storage problems.

There are plenty of challenges in development, IT application and project planning.

And who does it?

Corporate communicators, psychologists or lawyers? No, probably not! Engineers are needed, especially in the field of electrical engineering. But right now, we are seeing that interest in engineering studies drops. Together with the demographically caused decline in the number of students, this is a fatal development! In WS 21/22 there were more students of “Germanistik” than Electrical Engineering (source: Statista).

You did the right thing, because if you are reading this, then you are probably already part of our faculty and are studying Electrical Engineering. Nevertheless, become although a "communicator" and promote the study of Electrical Engineering in your environment, tell friends and family of this thrilling challenge!

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