Women in technical professions

The number of women in technical professions is still relatively small. Why?

The STEM subjects, which stand for science, technology, engineering and mathematics, are currently being promoted to make it easier for girls to get into technical professions. Many positions are vacant and the potential in schools is great. When you talk to women who work in technical professions, they often tell that the recognition among superiors and colleagues was not particularly high a few years ago. That has changed due to the shortage of skilled workers.

Early practice ... .. Girls' Day

An insight into STEM subjects should arouse interest and is dedicated to young girls. On "Girls' Day", schoolgirls have the chance to get a taste of a STEM profession. The aim is to show the girls new perspectives and perhaps even reveal previously undiscovered talents. Working with parents is essential, because depending on how open the family is to new perspectives, the more impartially girls try out these taster days. The Girls’ Day is offered in about 20 countries in Europe and Asia.

What career development programmes are there?

The "National Pact for Women in STEM Professions" brings together more than 100 companies in Germany. The aim of the project is to get women excited about STEM subjects. The motto is: "Come on, do MINT!" (which is the German translation of STEM)

The aim of the initiative is to advance technical and scientific progress by promoting women. You can find comprehensive information to get a precise picture of the relevant professions and thus realistically assess whether the chosen profession in technology or research is suitable for you. It is not only about academic professions, but also craft jobs, which may also include physical work.

If you have received a degree abroad, you are now able to find a job in Germany due to the Recognition Act that the Federal Ministry of Education and Research introduced in 2012.

Studies and career prospects

At Mannheim University of Applied Sciences, department of Electrical Engineering, women can study Automation Technology or Renewable Energies on an equal footing with men in small groups. That way, they are prepared for a future in a technical job.

This  video shows why to choose a technical profession.

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