When being a student means more than just studying

The all-too-familiar student life brings up different associations for everyone. While some think of parties that turn nights into mornings and the seemingly endless freedom at one's disposal, others think of the commitment one enters when enrolling: lectures, labs, submissions, presentations, exams, and the time that comes with it that must be spent studying. But studying is so much more than that.

In a world where there are no limits on contacts and no "social distancing," you study in a study group with your fellow students, who actually have already become close friends. Discussions begin with solutions to an exercise problem or an experimental set-up for a lab and usually end with "Where will we meet this weekend?" or "When is our next wine hike?" A balanced life as a student is one of the several requirements for successful studies.

But how can life in university be more than just studying? Quite simple: engagement. There are many different ways to get involved in the department and also in the university. You can learn more than differential equations, programming codes, and electronic circuits. By accepting an office or even just volunteering for a committee, you get to know students from the entire department or even the entire university. By serving on a committee, one can become involved in department life or university life. Through the constant teamwork, everyone involved is individually challenged and develops themselves further. But doesn't this actually sound exhausting again? It certainly is not, the development process happens on it’s own besides the meetings, which are accompanied by pizza, beer and laughter and fun.

A separate network can be set up for this purpose. And this does not mean a LAN or WAN. Networks define our everyday life. A network of students or friends also fills the student life with more joy and motivation. Starting in your own bachelor year, over department level, to university level, state level or even federal level. A network of any size can be built up from a wide variety of participants who come from different areas. With the beginning of the studies a new network is created. Through the emerging (study) groups the network grows and through engagement it becomes bigger and bigger. Since a common goal is pursued everyone supports the other and this support and knowledge can be accessed at any time if necessary. 

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