What do Alumnis say about studying at Hochschule Mannheim, University of Applied Sciences?

Dreni Uka, Alumni HS Mannheim

A lot of universities organize Alumni meetings. Alumnis are former students that still keep contact with the university to meet their peers every now and then, but also to talk to younger students about their job opportunities. They give advice and sometimes do some mentoring for the new students.

Our former students now have found great jobs as engineers. Here is what they say about their first arrival in Germany and the university.

“As an international student, since the first semester I was amazed by how fair and clean the German university system is. Everyone is treated without a trace of prejudice or discrimination. All throughout the studies, we were supported and helped by the staff and the professors. This help proved crucial in integrating into the German society and getting to know this new and fascinating country.” Artiom Turcan, Romania

What do the members of Hochschule Mannheim do to support the students? And what is it like to get to know other international students?

“Student life is not only about intellectual performance. I had the best time exploring Mannheim as well as other cities and partying with friends. While it tends to be difficult to adapt to a new place, the members of the faculty and the international office help the students for example, with accommodation, settling down, getting to know the campus, and so on. Through small trips and events organized to welcome new students, I could already make acquaintance with the people at the university during my first days in Mannheim. Moreover, as a foreign student, I could integrate with the German culture and improve my German by interacting with the German natives. Simultaneously, I met students from various countries and experienced new cultures thanks to the international program.” Deeshma Suwoogolam, Mauritius

Studying is not always about learning, but also how to develop your personality, how to form a life that suits you.

“Overall, my time at Hochschule Mannheim was a valuable and enriching experience. The university provided me with a strong foundation in automation technology, and the diverse environment allowed me to grow both personally and professionally.

I am grateful for the education and opportunities that Hochschule Mannheim provided, and I am proud to be an alumni.” Ndriqim Hoxha, Albania

“Theoretical and laboratory knowledge and study content of control technology from my studies at Hochschule Mannheim are particularly helpful for my work.” Philip Kanjirathingal Kurian, India

Who could tell you better about student life than our former students? Here is another statement that is self-explaining about the practical knowledge we provide.

“The focus of Hochschule Mannheim lies in practical learning. As an engineer, I can tell with certainty that this makes a good impact in the work environment. From the wide range of Labs and industrial Models provided at the Hochschule I developed the key skills to facilitate problem-solving in the real life.

The time at Hochschule Mannheim was brilliant. Simply put, I am very thankful for all the memories.” Dreni Uka, Kosovo

You will find further information about our Alumnis and their time at Hochschule Mannheim here

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