What can students expect when they come home after graduation?

Anna Jäkel, a-wie-art.de

Many students who have studied abroad have to get used to the old living conditions once they return home. It is always nice to see your own family again, maybe to be spoiled, but how does the new life abroad go with it?

Students develop enormously, personally and with character, far away from the family. Suddenly they are on their own, have to organize many things for themselves and organize their everyday life alone. Many new opportunities open up. They broaden their horizons, learn new things every day, not only at their University of Applied Sciences or other universities, but also in private life. They get to know new people, hobbies and learn how to cook, wash their clothes, do the dishes, and prepare for your studies. Some may also have specific goals that they have set for themselves professionally and they may differ from the ideas that the parents have for their children.

There are also cultural aspects. Foreign students studying in Germany may be overwhelmed by all the rules, the supposed discipline and punctuality, but learn to appreciate these aspects. The food might differ from home. Also, the behavior of people might be different. They might not be as talkative as at home or they might not feel comfortable with hugging all the time and rather keep the distance. While speaking, it is important to find out if people are very straight forward or if they beat around the bush.

Back home

Back home, many students are divided: happy to be with their loved ones at home, but also a feeling like a stranger. Many friends may also have gone abroad and are no longer there. Others did not develop further and one no longer has the “wire” to each other as before. The friendship might have changed.

These feelings subside over time. There are two worlds that meet. For both you should bring understanding and patience. Life is a constant development, especially if you study abroad.

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