The Electrical Engineering Student Council introduces itself

Fachschaft E, Hochschule Mannheim

Hello friends of technology, 

It's us, the student council of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. We are students of the faculty who are committed to their department and fellow students outside of lectures. Our task is to make your studies more pleasant. 

We represent you not only at faculty level, but also across faculties, e.g. in the student council, student union, senate, etc. We have the right to vote in the committees and stand up for the wishes and concerns of the students. 

The activities within the student council are, for example: 

- Educating and informing about all aspects of studying
- We support you with problems in your studies
- We plan and organise events to make your everyday study life more enjoyable.
- We are your "voice" to the teaching staff. 

Since the student council can only consist of committed students, we can always use support and new members. Volunteers are also always welcome. If you are interested, you can contact us by e-mail or speak to us directly.


Instagram: fachschaftehsmannheim 

Facebook: Fachschaftehsmannheim Fachschaft E - HS Mannheim 

moodle: Fachschaft_E and INFO_E 


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