Pedelecs – A Story of Success

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Bicycles supported by  electric motors, popular  called „E-Bikes“, but more precisly referred to as „Pedelecs“ (pedal electric bicycle), are shooting stars in the bicycle market. In Germany more than 40% of bicycles sold in 2020 were pedelecs.

But do they fulfill their promises, are there important differences between the models? 

The Pedelec Test Rig

To be able to judge and check the electrical behaviour of common types of pedelecs a test rig was build in our faculty.
Now we can have a close look to range issues, conformity with rules and performance of the electrical driven bikes.

Playground for Students 

The test rig is a fascinating playground for our students in the fields of automation, electric drives and mechatronics. In many bachelor and master thesis projects students worked and work on their ideas  to improve the rig. How to replace the action of a human driver by servomotors, how to automate the change of gear while driving, how to ensure safety when working with the test rig: a lot of challenging questions are faced!

Test Rig 2.0

After building the first prototype now the focus is on a more professional design. Therefore the complete automation of the test rig is under reconstruction. A redesign which will help to get more precision and reliability. It’s challenging  to design structure, documentation and HMI (human machine interface) so that ongoing work can easily take profit from the predecessors. The goal is, that every new student can start in short time  and  work on his own ideas for further improvement.

Interested? Take a look! You find us in room B312 (ok, if there is no corona…)

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