Instagram-Takeover by Omar Zouiten in March and April 2021!

Omar Zouiten

We are happy to introduce Omar to you who will be posting insights of his student life at our University of Applied Sciences in Mannheim, Germany, for the next two months. Stay tuned! And here he is….

Hello! My name is Omar, I am an International Electrical Engineering student at Hochschule Mannheim and I'm an American that lived most of his life in Morocco. 

Before entering the program, I was the family's phone and electronics guy, there was never a mobile or home appliance that couldn't be fixed, I loved repairing devices and discovering how each component operates inside out.

I am also immensely fascinated by the automotive industry and hope one day to be a part of its engineering and design sector, and I believe this program will give me a leap in the industry since cars are now going fully electric by 2030.

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