Insights from a Turkish exchange student at Hochschule Mannheim

Hochschule Mannheim

•I decided to study electrical engineering because I have always been into mathematics, science and technology. Throughout my high school years my biggest aim was to become an engineer so that I could learn and understand the logic behind all of the devices we use in our daily lives. Not knowing or not understanding the concept of something that is a huge part of humanity always made me question everything around me and that unknown lead me to the best area I could ever find the answers I’ve been looking for, which is engineering.

•I chose to study engineering in Germany because of its known fame and talent in this specific field. Thanks to the non-stopping nature of engineering and technology, Germany did and will continue to do what is needed to be done by giving the brilliant people all around the world a voice and a remarkable education to sharpen their already ingenious minds. I don’t think there is a better place to study this major other than the city of inventions.

•I have found out about Hochschule Mannheim through my home university PAMUKKALE University . Because of the agreement they had, even though it is only for one semester, I am lucky to be here. •In the first year of electrical engineering, we study foundations of engineering by improving our logical and analytical thinking through maths, physics, programming and circuit analysing lessons. We slowly enter the world of electricity and how it works with the help of calculus and basic physics laws.

•My favourite subject is Mathematics, and what I love most about studying EE is that I get to push my limits while figuring out things and learning new topics.

•My dream job in EE is designing and developing the circuits of our daily life devices such as telephones and computers. I am more eager about electronics part of this job.

•My favourite place in Mannheim is the Wasserturm and its beautiful view. What I like most about studying in Mannheim is that I get to be in a city where so many inventions were made. I love learning about this city’s history and witnessing it growing into its unstoppable potential.

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