How to save Energy at Household


It is wise to try and save energy in a household not only for the environment, but also for your wallet. The more energy and natural sources you save, the less money you spend.

Energy-friendly appliances

Older household appliances normally use more energy than newer ones. Check if you can either replace some appliances or get a new one instead.

House insulation

Try to make your house or flat energy-friendly by checking the window sealings for example. If you heat your place, the heat should stay inside instead of escaping through badly sealed doors and windows. Homes with big windows allow a lot of sunlight. Therefore, you do not need to switch on the light all the time. Air conditioning needs a lot of energy. Try to keep your place cool by planting a tree in front of the window for example.

Environment-friendly energy

If you have the possibility to install solar panels for hot water and heating, try to do so instead of using electricity. Exchange normal light bulbs with LED. They are more expensive in the first place but save a lot of energy and last longer.

Saving Water

Switch off the water in the shower while you use shampoo and soap. That will save a few liters of water each time. Washing machines have energy-saving programmes. They run for a longer time but use less water. Try to avoid using the dryer and hang up your washing in the sun instead.

Saving Electricity

Switch off the light every time you leave a room. Why don’t you gather with your family in one room in the evening and spend time together? Therefore, you will not need light in several rooms, and it is great for the family atmosphere as well.

Switch off electricity altogether once you finished working on the computer or watching TV. It costs about 10 % of the energy when appliances are on stand-by.

In general, you can use less appliances to save money (electric toothbrush, microwave, dryer and more). Watch the following video to learn more.

Smart Home

Smart Home Applications like smart heating systems or automatic light and ventilation systems or virtual assistants make our homes more comfortable and also help to save energy. This segment is developing very rapidly but there are still security and privacy issues that have to be solved.   

At our University of Applied Sciences, we offer future-oriented study programmes like Automation Technology and Renewable Energies, if you are interested in learning more on these topics.

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