How do I organize myself as a student during lockdown?


The current times for students are unprecedented. Universities, colleges and students have never experienced a lockdown of this kind. But no reason to bury your head in the sand.

Our university has given a lot of thought to how exams can be legally compliant and still be held at home. The lectures have also been adapted so that they are held online and students can organize themselves in chat rooms. The situation requires the courage to innovate, flexibility and patience for everyone involved.

How do I organize myself during lockdown?

Studying in lockdown is anything but easy. The university's online sessions take place according to the timetable, so that there is a certain weekly structure that can be used as a guide. Important for students: A daily structure also helps to avoid spending weeks at home without time and orientation. The best thing to do is to get up at the same time and define rituals for yourselves.

The planning of the work or study content and a good schedule also helps not to lose yourselves in the monotony of a week. In addition, the students should provide variety, i.e. regularly chat with friends online or make phone calls and do online sessions with the family they want to see. It helps to bridge the gap and look forward to the time after the lockdown, when you can see each other live again.

Balanced diet and exercise

Students who live alone should cook for themselves regularly. Why not try new recipes or even start cooking now that there is more time?

Exercising at home also requires self-discipline, but the feeling of having pushed yourselves - whether in a home workout, a jogging session or after an extensive yoga session - is priceless.

After that, it is usually easier to sit down at your desk again to follow your studies.

Goals are an advantage, so set weekly and monthly targets. Further information is available here  or here.

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