A new Pressure Vessel is coming hot in the high voltage bay

The faculty of electrical engineering just recently received a high voltage and high pressure vessel. The University of applied Sciences Mannheim is now equipped with a happy insulator with a total height of 4.5 meters capable to withstand 1050 kV and 15 bar (220 psi) of pressure. Already a bunch of students are excited to do their investigations, researches and thesis with this equipment in the high voltage bay.


Trench Germany Bamberg Ltd. is a cooperative partner and a leading manufacturer in Clean Air Insulation for gaseous high voltage equipment and components. Our main goal is to replace SF6 (Sulphur hexafluoride) which has the highest known global warming potential of all gases. High Voltage goes green. This setup will provide the answer on the mystery of dielectric gaseous insulation. Without cutting edge design high voltage components can be built up to 420 kV class today easily.

University of applied sciences will keep moving an increasing its pace to solve the last unknown facts on high pressure gas discharges. So stay tuned for thunder and lightning in our high bay.

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