What to prepare when studying abroad

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You have finished school and you would like to study abroad? It is always good to broaden your knowledge, especially when you get to know different cultures. Some students are more adventurous than others, but all have to prepare their stay in a foreign country once their application has been approved.

The earlier you start with preparations, the better

Even if you don’t know yet if you will be chosen by one of the Universities of Applied Sciences, you should try to apply for an appointment at your local embassy well in advance. Experience shows that appointments may take up to five or six months before they actually take place. Some students are very disappointed because they might not be able to start their studies abroad in time as their visa has not arrived or, even worse, they even did not get an appointment in time. It is easier to cancel the appointment later in case you haven’t been chosen at the university. So please plan well in advance.

What is the other country like?

If you already know in which country you would like to study, make yourself familiar with the culture and the habits there. Hochschule Mannheim, for example, informs on their Facebook-Channel about events and local habits. So make you sure you subscribe.

What is the weather like? Do I need different clothes? How do I find accommodation? What about insurance, bank account? Where do I get my material for the lectures? Do they have welcoming events? If I have my own flat, where do I get furniture?

How do we support

There are so many questions to be answered. Hochschule Mannheim offers great support when it comes to all questions  mentioned above – or questions you do not know yet. Please just have a look on our checklist  or contact Silke Förstermann. Nowadays you can always call home when you get homesick. Or you are able to visit your family during holidays, or your family might visit you. The world offers so many opportunities. We are sure that you make friends easily here in Germany. There will be someone you can turn to in case of questions.