How to travel for small money as a student

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Every student knows this situation - despite the job beside the studies, there is always a lack of money at the end of the month. Especially in the summer months there is more time to work, but recovery time has to be taken as well. We present you favorable travel options within Germany. How do I get cheap from A to B?

Into the nature by bike

If you do not have your own bike, you can always rent one in Mannheim. You will have to ask the bike company if you can take it to other cities or if they may only be used within Mannheim. They are about to build a fast “bike-way” between Mannheim and Heidelberg. Find more information in the local newspaper RNZ.

Bike Rental:


Those who are not afraid to ride with others in the car should try one of the many carpools. Register yourself, enter departure point and destination and select one of the offered rides. The drivers are registered and known to the carpool. A safe way, therefore, to get to the destination you would like to go to. Of course you can also book your own rides there to save on gasoline costs if you have a car.


If you do not want to rely on other drivers, you can use the train. There are, next to Deutsche Bahn, also cheap alternatives:

Bus trips are also possible. Here, however, you often have to plan a little more time.

Air travel is also offered within Germany, but we recommend rail transport because of the poor CO2 balance.

We wish all students a nice holiday season! Enjoy your trip.