Power Engineering and Reneweable Energies

Electrical Engineering and Renewable Energies Bachelor (EBE)
Advanced Studies

> Advanced Studies will take place in German
> SWS is a semester hour and lasts 45 min 
> You need respectively one subject within the election module WM3, WM4

3rd Semester   German language SWSCreditsAbbr.
Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, Numerics 4 5 MA3
Mathematical Description of Continuous and Discrete Systems 4 5 SYT
Electrical Measurement 6 5 EMT
Microelectronics 4 5 GSE2
Digital Electronics 1) 4 5 DK
DC-Machines and Rotation Field Machines 4 5 EM1
4th Semester   German language SWS Credits Abbr.
Fundamentals of Power Electronics 4 5 LE1
Introduction to Feedback Control Systems 6 5 RG1
Electrical Drives 4 5 ELA
Energy Systems and Power Machines 4 5EAK
Regenerative Energies: Components and Applications 4 5REN1
Elective Module »Automation Systems« 4 5WM3
Elective Module »Automation Systems«SWS Credits Abbr.
Hardware-Oriented Programming of Microcomputers 4 5 MC1
System and Program Design for Programmable Logic Controls  4 5 SP1
5th Semester   German language SWS Credits Abbr.
Internship PS 25 PS
Key Competences Seminar 2) 3 2 SSK
Practical Semester Colloquium 3) 3 KPS
6th und 7th Semester   German language SWS Credits Abbr.
Transmission and Distribution of Electrical Power 4 5 EAN
High Voltage Engineering: Fundamentals and Applications 4 5 HS
Industrial Data Communication 4 5 IK
Power System Control: Automation of Power Networks 4 5NLT
Student Research Project 7STA
Research Project Seminar 2 3SSTA
Bachelor Thesis 12BA
Bachelor Thesis Colloquium 3KBA
Elective Module »Engineering Sciences« 4 5WM4
Elective Module »Engineering Sciences«SWS Credits Abbr.
Applied Circuit Technology 4) 4 5 AST
Building Automation 4 5 GT
Power Engineering in the Energy Supply Industry 4 5 LE2
Simulation and Modelling of Mechatronic Systems 4) 4 5 SM2
Second Student Research Project 4 5 STA2
Total credits in Advanced Studies150

1) Students with english basic study period (UBE) have to enroll Digital Electronics (DK) instead of elective WM2 in the 3rd semester.
2) EBE and UBE students with no DSH2 at the start of the studies must successfully pass the DSH2 exam at the end of the 2nd year. A passed DSH2 exam is then recognized in the SSK submodule as acquired key competency (language competency) of 50 UE. Further seminars are not required in such a case.
3) R means Presentation (Referat)
4) AST und SM2: only winter term